About Acute Pain Post–bunion Repair

As you may know, a bunion repair procedure is a surgical procedure that moves toes impacted by a bunion (a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe) back into their correct position. As you may also know, this can be a painful procedure, and surgical-site pain is experienced by more than half of patients at least six months after surgery.

Right now, research is underway on the safety and effectiveness of an investigational study drug, called VX-548, in people experiencing acute pain after a bunion repair procedure. This clinical research study is part of the Vertex pain research program, which is developing medicines aimed at selectively targeting the underlying cause of the pain response.

By taking part in a study that is evaluating an investigational study drug designed to target acute pain, participants in the NAVIGATE-1 Study could help researchers learn more about medicines that could help target the underlying causes of acute pain responses. If you’re interested in this research, we invite you to click the button below to answer some questions and see if you may qualify for participation.

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